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SAT/ACT   Intensive Prep Courses

2024 Camp Schedule:

Week 1:  June 24 - June 28

Week 2:  July 1 - July 5  (7/4 No Class)

Week 3:  July 8 - July 12

Week 4:  July 15 - July 19

Week 5:  July 22 - July 26

Week 6:  July 29 - August 2

Week 7:  August 5 - August 9

Week 8:  August 12 - August 16

Week 9:  August 19 - August 23

Registration Fee: $50 (For new users ,Registration fee is only needed once per family.)

Curriculum Fee: Starting from $2100  per term , Our  Summer Sessions is a 3 weeks program. You can do this with the flexibility of coming on to the classes of your choice.

Grade:  Rising G10-G11 

Monday to Friday  9:00-12:00 AM  PST(With Breaks

Language Art : 4 sessions per week

Math : 1 session per week 

Content (3 terms, 9 weeks, 14-44 classes, 42-132 hours):

Term 1  6/24-7/13  7/4/2024 NO Class   ($2100, 3 weeks, 42 Hours)

Term 2 :  7/15-8/4 ($2250, 3 weeks, 45 Hours)

Term 3 :   8/5-8/24 ($2250, 3 weeks, 45 Hours)

Course Overview:

Unlock your potential and excel on the SAT with our specialized TestPrep course this summer at A+ Learning Center. Designed for high school students aiming to enhance their SAT scores, this course offers a comprehensive approach to mastering the test. Through a strategic blend of mock tests, skill-focused sessions, and vocabulary enrichment, our program prepares students to tackle the SAT with confidence and expertise.

Course Features:

SAT Mock Reading Comprehension Practice: 
Dive into intensive reading sessions that mirror the actual SAT. Students will engage with complex texts across a variety of genres—literature, historical documents, social sciences, and natural sciences—enhancing their ability to understand and analyze high-level materials. Key skills such as critical reading, inference making, theme analysis, and evidence-based reasoning are emphasized to improve comprehension and analytical abilities.

SAT Mock Language Practice: 
Sharpen your command of standard English conventions with our targeted language exercises. This segment focuses on refining grammar, usage, and mechanics, with an emphasis on sentence structure, coherence, and style. Practice tasks will also cover the improvement of paragraphs and the effective use of language in context, equipping students with the skills to excel in the Writing and Language section of the SAT.

SAT Mock Math Practice: 
Tackle the quantitative challenges of the SAT with our focused math curriculum. This section addresses the key areas of SAT Math, including algebra, problem-solving and data analysis, and advanced math topics. Students will practice solving linear equations, interpreting complex graphs, and understanding statistical data, which are critical for the Math section of the SAT. Our approach not only boosts computational skills but also enhances logical reasoning and problem-solving capabilities.

Academic Vocabulary Practice: 
Expand your academic lexicon with our vocabulary enhancement sessions. Tailored to the SAT's demand for a robust vocabulary, this component aims to deepen understanding and usage of complex vocabulary in reading, writing, and high-stakes testing scenarios.

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