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Classin Account Management

1. Register account

2. Change your mobile phone number

3. Account cancellation

Go directly to the Classin website

1. Register account

1)The path: Run ClassIn → Click "Register Now"


  • Choose the area code according to your phone number ( eg. +1 & a American phone number) 

  • You can also get a voice verification (Only support Chinese phone numbers) after 60s if the SMS code reception fails

  • The password should be 6-20 chars and contains letters and numbers


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📱Mobile device (smart phone, pad)

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2. Change your mobile         phone number

Note: If your account is a school administrator account, and you need to contact your account manager or call 4000771585 to change your phone number.


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📱Android phone / Android pad / iPad / iPhone

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3. Account cancellation

1) The path: ClassIn → Click your prfile photo → Account security → Account cancellation

2) Tips:

  • If you are a school account, please contact the customer service or account manager to delete it manually. We will complete the verification and delete your account within 15 working days. Customer service Tel: 4000771585

  • You can only operate account cancellation on a mobile device

📱Android phone / Android pad / iPad / iPhone

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