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Writing Concentration Courses

Course Introduction

Our students are helped develop specific writing skills with scaffolded instruction focused on multiple writing traits in various writing types, including narrative, informative and opinion. Standards and benchmarks are highly aligned with CCSS, but go beyond! Students’ grammar knowledge is enforced with systematical learning plans during the whole academic term. Great chances are offered to develop motivation and improve overall writing ability!

Learning Goals

In an academic term of 19-21 weeks, 2 hours a week, the following standards and benchmarks are met:  

  • Has original ideas that tie in with each other.

  • Has a fully developed topic and a clear topic sentence that express the main idea 

  • Has carefully selected, interesting details that support the topic.

  • Maintains focus throughout.

  • Has clear and logical organization.

  • Has a complete introduction, body and conclusion.

  • Content is easy to follow.

  • Has appropriate transition words or phrases.

  • Has strong verbs and modifiers.

  • Words are consistently appropriate for audience and purpose.

  • Words are used correctly and enhance the writing.

  • Word choice is thoughtful and precise and includes some figurative language.

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