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Language Arts Curriculum Outline

Parents may be confused: their kids love to read but just not good at writing. That’s because their love for reading is only about the story, the funny words and pretty inserts. Little tension is given to cause and effect, and they just don’t extend and summarize. Like a piece of white paper, kids younger than 10 are at their golden stage to “learn to read”. It’s the top priority for kids to be motivated by their interests and learn to read quickly and correctly. Only by doing so, kids can develop their “reading to learn” skill that goes with writing and expressing. 

Writing class is a complementary class to the reading class and they are tightly coupled. Kids’ passion for writing can be increased through a happy and humorous atmosphere. Under this model of learning, kids will be able to express their ideas naturally, express in an ordered fashion, think with a logical mindset, debate with a clear mind and write in a clear manner.

Honor Language Art: About Us

Our students are helped expand the number of words they know and the ways in which they use, explore and think about them. Opportunities are offered for students to try out, reflect on, and have fun with vocabularies. High-interest and various nonfiction reading selection with topics that span widely are provided. Topic and text-based writing prompt is given every class.


Strong reading skills are crucial as your teen faces higher-level classes, more difficult literary and scientific texts, and a heavier workload. Their ability to rapidly comprehend what they are reading will help them during study time, as well as when they take important standardized exams, such as the ACT and SAT

If your teen lacks these and other important skills, or if your teen lacks strong foundational reading skills, our tutors can help.

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