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How to Register Classin Account

A+ Learning Center has chosen Classin as our teaching software. Classin is a powerful online classroom and live streaming system. Leveraging advanced multi-video communication technology and a comprehensive global cloud communication system, it is committed to the rapid development of online education technology. On the Classin platform, various resources and support are available, including live streaming, recording, and storage of course materials.

Classin Student Account Registration Guide

  • Please note! Classin student accounts can only be registered through the Classin app. Please DO NOT register through a web browser.

  • After completing the registration, please provide your account information to your instructor and wait for the teachers to add the student to the class.

Step 1
Download Classin

  • ​Please click the link below to access the download page:

  • For Apple computers, please differentiate based on the processor model(Intel or M1/2). You can click on the top-left corner of the screen, then click on the Apple logo (), and select "About This Mac" to view your processor information.

屏幕快照 2023-10-18 的 07.55.58 AM.png

Step 2 
Register for an Account

📱mobile devices 

  • When you first time open the Classin software, please allow the microphone, camera, and other permissions, and then click "Register Now" after that.

  • If your phone number has not been registered with Classin before, when you first open Classin on your phone, clicking "One-click Login with Phone Number" will automatically register your phone number as a Classin account.

屏幕快照 2023-09-15 的 08.39.45 AM.png


  • When you open Classin on your computer for the first time, there will be a device check (network/camera/speaker/microphone). After opening the software, click "Sign Up"

  • On the Classin desktop version, you can register using an email or switch to registering with a phone number.

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