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Math and Geometry Tools


Math is not only about boring calculation; it could also help train one’s logical mind. Our math class combines mental calculation, oral calculation and exciting magic altogether. Kids will fall in love with math and will be proud of themselves doing all the calculation then. Falling in love with math is just that simple!

​Math can be seen as a subject best tackled on your own, aiming to get questions right. But in everyday life math can be a creative as art or music, an opportunity to bring people together as they attempt to tackle new problems and find solutions that will change people’s way of thinking.

  • Helping children build and strengthen three-dimensional mathematical space

  • Prepare for various math competitions (Math Kangaroo /AMC /AIME /USA(J)MO /HMMT /ARML /SMT / PUMaC

  • Courses designed to balance retention and teaching new skills

  • All math curriculum concepts covered

  • Fluency with core skills

 (Subtraction, addition, multiplication & division, Decimals, fractions & percentages,Geometry, shapes and algebra)

  • Math applied skills

(Word problems & problem solving, Money, calendars and telling the time, Data handling, probability and reasoning)​

  • Prepare for SSAT and SAT 

  • Real life skills

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